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South Haven, MI 49090

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Are You a Fine Dining Restaurant?

Our customers think our food is just fine!  We think our food is just fine, too!I guess the best way to answer this questions is to first find out what someone means when they ask this question. If the root of this question is to determine if you need to dress up when you come eat with us, the answer is no; we are not a fine dining restaurant.  In fact, that's what our customers like most about us.

Our prices are very reasonable.  In fact, AJ brags about the fact that you can feed a whole family for a night out without having to take a second mortgage on your house, or borrow money from your neighbor. So come on in.  We'd love to show you what family friendly dining is like with our staff that really does treat you like family.

What's The Best Dish at Maria's?

Our best selling dish right now is out Lasagna.  It's an old family recipe, handed down and perfected by AJ himself. However, we also have customer's that swear our pizza is the best they've ever had.  Our dough is made fresh daily and we only use the best cheese, meats and vegetables we can find. Then, we have a constant following for our Homemade Italian Sausage and Homemade Italian Meatballs.  We crank these out daily, as well.

Well, the truth is Maria's Taste of Italy has a loyal customer following for just about everything we serve.  So, the answer to this question is, "It depends on who you talk to!"

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